wiwikanggraini (wiwikanggraini) wrote in goovythinggoin,

My stuff

Just wanted to let you know I'm working on another piece. Anyone care to beta this time?

Also I posted all the chapters to Another Kind of Love here too, sort of together so it's easier to read: http://wiwikanggraini.livejournal.com/
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Great to see you working on more S&G stuff! :) Sorry to say I'm a crap beta reader, English not being my first language.
Thanks for your reaction anyway.
Love your stories, they are so well-written being an actual author myself I so hope to see lots more on Artie and Paul!!!!!!
Wow! That's quite a compliment from an author to someone who just writes. Thanks!

At the moment I'm apparently writing a series about their earlier years together and another one analyzing their relationship. Might get a bit boring since I already wrote a whole series about that. Might be interesting since I've been exploring Carrie's and Penny's involvement.
Hello again!

I enjoy good, quality fan fiction, won't be boring to me not in the least,

Good job!!!
Mary Beth.....